Bristol Water Fisheries
Terms & Conditions


1) PERMITS No person is permitted to fish without first having obtained a permit and paid the appropriate fee. Permits are not transferable and must be produced upon request to any authorised servant of Bristol Water plc.
2) FLY FISHING METHODS Only fly-fishing is permitted using traditional fly-fishing equipment. Only one rod may be in use at any time. Rods must not be left unattended while fishing. The possession and/or use of bait of any kind, spinning, trolling and trailing are prohibited.

Pike fly fishing is only permitted at Chew Valley Lake. Any angler found to be pike fly fishing at other waters operated by Bristol Water plc may face exclusion from fishing at Bristol Water Fisheries. Flies no larger than 2” are to be used at Blagdon Lake. Leader strength must not exceed 25lb and wire traces and/or armoured tippet are not permitted at Blagdon Lake. Anyone suspected of pike fly fishing at Blagdon lake (i.e carrying pike fly fishing equipment) will face an immediate ban. Flies over 5 grams in weight are not permitted at any waters operated by Bristol Water plc.

3) BAG LIMITS Full day tickets entitle the angler to take, eight sizeable trout. Season permit holders are permitted to take a maximum of 6 trout in a day. Season ticket anglers are also restricted by their total annual allowance of fish. For half day boat and bank permits, four trout are permitted to be taken. For all winter trout permits the limit is six rainbow trout only. For all Litton rods five fish per day. Fishing must stop as soon as the limit bag is completed. Unfilled quota may not be transferred to another rod. Fish may be returned before the limit bag has been completed provided flies without barbs are used. Only 1 brown per day is permitted to be taken. ALL coarse fish must be returned to the water unharmed. 4) FISHING TIMES Fishing is from one hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset unless otherwise stated. Boats must be back at the landing stage within 15 minutes of the end of fishing.

5) LICENCES All anglers must be in possession of a valid National Rod Licence before fishing.
6) FISH WELFARE Anglers must carry adequate means to unhook fish without harming them, i.e. long nosed forceps. All fish destined to be returned should eb done so with care, following best practice at all times. Anglers showing bad instances of catch and release may be receive a ban.
7) BANK FISHING BEHAVIOUR Anglers may not be at the lakeside until one hour before sunrise. They may tackle up earlier, but should not leave the car parks. Staking of places on the bank is not allowed. Unattended nets may be seized. Anglers must not wade any deeper than the tops of their thighs (i.e. normal thigh wader depth). Do not cast if there is a danger of hitting people behind you. Be especially careful on or near public areas and footpaths. No wading at Barrow tanks.
Prohibited areas: Chew: the Dam, the Nature Reserve, the causeways at Herons Green and Herriots, the Sailing Club, in front of the Picnic Areas, the boat landing stages. Blagdon: The Dam and Bywash, the stream mouths at Butcombe and Ubley, in front of the Top End Bird Hide.
8) BOAT FISHING BEHAVIOUR All anglers must wear a lifejacket or buoyancy jacket. The Company will lend lifejackets to those who do not bring their own on application to Woodford or Blagdon Lodges. All boat anglers must watch and sign to say they have understood the company Health and Safety DVD prior to fishing.
Boats must not anchor within the areas marked by yellow buoys or flags (which surround the Aerators near the Dams at Chew and Blagdon). No fishing or motoring within the line of white buoys that mark off the bay in front of Stratford Bird Hide. No landing on the islands at Denny or Stratford. Boats must stay at least 50 metres out from the bank when bank anglers are present. Do not cross in front of or anchor near other boats that are drifting. Boat users must be aware of other lake users and wildlife. Disturbance of wildlife or other lake user’s enjoyment of the lakes may result in exclusion from Bristol Water sites.
9) FISHING RETURNS Season permit holders should fill in their returns weekly. All other anglers must submit returns after each visit. Nil returns are required and we ask you to record all trout caught and returned alive.
10) PARKING Permit holders must use the Company’s car parks; may not drive over hay meadows or leave vehicles on grass banks or verges. Free car parking stickers for the Picnic Areas are obtainable from Woodford Lodge upon purchase of a fishing permit.
Where required to do so by notice permit holders entering or leaving the reservoir enclosures must close the gates (i.e. Nunnery, Moreton Cottage, Wick Green, Butcombe and Rugmoor).
11) BYELAWS Bristol Water byelaws prohibit shooting, disturbance of wildlife, discarding of fishing line and litter, introduction of fish, entry of dogs, lighting of fires, bathing and camping on Company property.All anglers to abide by Bristol Water Byelaws.
12) THE RIGHT TO EXCLUDE The Company reserves the right to exclude permit holders at any time from the whole or any part of its property. In particular note that there are no fishing zones in force during the winter trout and pike fishing periods. Details are available at the Lodges.
13) COVID-19 It is the anglers’ responsibility to ensure that they comply with any government advice or rules during COVID lockdown or at any other time.


By order Bristol Water plc. 2021